Hike the Wilds

Wild — beyond your imagination, wild. Raw. Rugged. Begging to be explored. Step out of your helicopter and up to the shore of an aquamarine lake of icy, cold water. You feel like you’re on top of the world. Your helicopter takes off without you — and as its rotors beat their distant retreat you can’t help but feel wowed and humbled by your surroundings: stately Mount Robson looming over your shoulder, the toe of the Berg Glacier dipping into its namesake lake. And you. It’s just you and your backpack, and a pair of well-worn hiking boots. You’ve made it near the top of the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies and this playground is all yours! Set about on your adventure — an epic hike down through the alpine — past thundering waterfalls, through tranquil forests, ending at the mouth of the Robson River. This is no ordinary walk in the woods. This is a Rocky Mountain high North Thompson Valley style.

Inspired Heights

Fed by the glacier of the same name, Berg Lake sits in the shadow of Mount Robson, which, at 3,954 metres (12,972 ft), is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Avid outdoorsmen and women have long been drawn to this place — to hike, camp and heli-tour one of Canada’s most iconic landmarks. A well-worn trail winds some 22 kilometres (14 miles) each way, gaining 800 metres (2,624 ft) in elevation from its base at the mouth of the Robson River to the quiet, still shores of Berg Lake. Along the way, snow-capped mountains and thundering waterfalls draw you in, one inspired step at a time.

Your schedule and hiking abilities dictate how you can experience Berg Lake: by roundtrip helicopter tour, by a one-way helicopter tour and hike out, or by a roundtrip hike from the trailhead at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

Mt Robson hiker

Mt Robson Heli-magicBerg Lake Heli Tour

The exhilarating helicopter tour to the Robson Pass drop zone is no match for the jaw-dropping scenery that comes into view, especially when you spot the mesmerizing colour of Berg Lake for the first time. Summit over the pass, touch down and disembark for a short time, to explore the Valley of a Thousand Falls, Emperor Falls and Berg and Kinney lakes, before clamouring aboard the helicopter for your return trip with Robson HeliMagic.

Heli In then Hike Out

For a more challenging experience, canvass down the mountain pass on your own two feet, passing through electrifying scenery and three different biogeoclimatic zones as you wind your way along the easy to maneuver path. Take your time — there’s no race to the end, but if you’re planning on taking more than one day to hike you’ll want to make a campsite reservation in advance of your trip. Just remember; you are not alone. A community of wildlife lives in amongst the trees, from hooting gray owls to agile mountain goats to the protector of the land — the black bear.

Hike Mt RobsonHike in, Hike out

Still not wild enough for you? Then you’ll want to do the full Berg Lake trail — all 44 kilometres (23 miles) of it by foot. This wilderness trail climbs a quad-burning 800 metres (2,624 ft) to the heart of Mount Robson Provincial Park. Capture in your mind’s eye the unrivalled scenery as you pass through; glacial lakes gleaming like jewels in the sun, wildflowers in full bloom bursting with colour, tumbling waterfalls with trembling outpours, and the commanding Mount Robson, standing as protector over the valley. If you’re a really intrepid trekker, you can hike well past Berg Lake and into Jasper National Park — a seven day expedition and the hike of a lifetime.