Hiker’s Euphoria

Climbing up the path, winding through trees and valleys, you focus on the rugged mountain peaks of the Cariboo Mountains that stretch into the cloudless sky. Rainbows of alpine blooms fill rolling meadows for as far as the eye can see. A mule deer hears the soft sound of your hiking boots and dashes back into forested haven. It’s serene in these parts, where old growth rainforests give way to stony mountain slopes, where wild flowers shelter scurrying creatures and tranquil lakes call to you to jump in for a swim. Reach your peak; find your path, let nature lead you in the North Thompson Valley.

Hut-to-Hut Paradise

Pure wilderness. There is just no other way to describe the natural beauty of Wells Gray Provincial Park where interior Cedar-Hemlock, sub-alpine and alpine tundra eco zones climb from valley floor to the peaks of sloping mountains. Born of erupting volcanoes, scarred and scoured by retreating glaciers, this is Canada at its most raw and wild, just a half-hour drive from the Yellowhead Highway, near the town of Clearwater. Leave time in your journey through the North Thompson Valley to explore Wells Gray on a three, five or seven day hut-to-hut adventure on foot or on cross-country skis. Play in nature, climb its peaks and tumble through its fields. Restore your energy in the North Thompson Valley.

Hut to Hut Backcountry Skiing

Backpack the Backcountry

Hut-to-hut hiking through Wells Gray Park is the ultimate out-of-bounds outdoor adventure. Stuff your backpack and embark on a guided excursion that will lead you through cedar and hemlock forests to sub-alpine meadows, over the rigid spine of the Trophy Mountains. Amble along, over rocky crests, building an appetite and a sweat as you gain elevation. Picnic along the shores of a cool, mountain lake, and bed down for the night in cozy, backcountry cabins, sharing this exceptional experience with your guides and newfound friends.

Hut-to-hut Snowcapades

Exploring the ridgeline above Wells Gray isn’t limited only to summer. Intrepid travellers and backcountry skiers put hut-to-hut skiing at the top of their list of “must do” experiences.

Pack your skis for the backcountry trip of a lifetime. Glide from hut-to-hut in a winter wonderland. Propel yourself through winter canvassed trails, bright from the gleaming winter sun. Strap on snowshoes and plow through the fresh blanket of snow on the forest floor. Snow bunnies pop out of their hiding places as other wildlife tracks mark the way. Be inspired by winter landscapes and get exhilarated in the frosty mountain air.