Snow Filled Helicopter Adventures

The overhead thunder of helicopter blades carry you further, deeper into the rugged wilderness covered in a blanket of snow. The target is made, the chopper starts its decent and you land, gently on the slope. The ride of your life has only just begun. Step into your skis and pause to appreciate your surroundings: vivid blue skies overhead, the sun beaming down on your face. Unmarked, dry white powder, steep and deep is laid out before you and you cannot wait to make your mark on this untouched slope. Crystal-fine snowflakes melt on your shoulders. Take a deep breath, pull on your goggles and dive forward into the pure white abyss. Now you know: this is what it really feels like to fly.

Uncharted Snow Territory

Untouched white snow blankets rugged, lofty mountains and snow-drenched trees in a backcountry winter wonderland most skiers only dream of. Mike Wiegele’s Helicopter Skiing, in Blue River, BC provides an unabashed climatic experience unique to anywhere else in the world. The warm, moist air from BC’s west coast combines with the dry cold air from the north in the Cariboo and Monashee mountain ranges, creating ideal powder conditions. With 10 metres (33 feet) of snow fall annually and over 1.2 million acres of terrain to conquer, the slalom opportunities are endless.

Uncharted Snow Territory

Enjoy the thrill of being taken by helicopter to your own private ski-scape. Cut and carve downhill through epic, open passes and forested spaces, untouched and boundless. Slip through the gentle slopes of Saddle Mountain after a one-of-a-kind snowcat ride through the Canadian wild. Enjoy the comforts of an exclusive wilderness lodge, complete with every luxury you could imagine to end your wild day.

Heli-SkiingHelicopter Skiing and Snowboarding

Experience the thrill of being the only one on a slope, the gentle swish of your skis or snowboard breaking the silence of the mountain. Carve out S-curves down a long glacial incline in powder so fresh and fine that the spray-back can only be described as exhilarating. Mike Wiegele’s offers numerous packages for every type of skier and border, from heli-ski veteran to first-timer. No lines, no lifts, the unbelievable exclusivity of being dropped in the snowy wilderness by a Bell 212 or A Star helicopter, just you and the unmarked mountains. Enjoy the out-of-bounds adventure during theme weeks that include health and wellness, women only and family packages.

CAT-Ski with the Pros

No need to float through the air to set your mark on unspoiled powder — there’s more than one way to make your way to the backcountry for epic, out-of-this-world powder skiing. Ramble through the forest to uncharted terrain aboard a Snowcat, with Mike Wiegele’s pros by your side. The heated interior delivers you in comfort to the snowy slopes of Saddle Mountain. Follow your guides on a snow-bound wave — on a ride you’ll long remember. With champagne-powder-drenched slopes stretching right up to the sky and sun-kissed, snow-covered pines, this is one frozen voyage you’ll wish would last forever.

Wilderness LodgeWilderness Lodges

Helicopters may take you to the top of the world to ski pure powder — but at the end of the day, when you’re indulging in a gourmet dinner with new-found friends, or unwinding in front of your fireplace that you realize the magic of this place. Mike Wiegele’s wilderness lodges are as refined as the skiing is wild. From luxurious lodges to one-of-a-kind spa treatments, yoga classes and world-class cuisine — Wiegele’s is an experience of a lifetime — Enjoy the good life — you deserve it.