Paddle your Adventure

Plunge your paddle into the serene waters of McGillivray Lake and take a deep breath. The fresh scent of spruce tickles your nose. Your canoe trip comes complete with a voyageur guide. Point your canoe towards Tod Mountain and on their command you begin paddling in unison. Stroke, stroke, stroke! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you glide when you’re working together as a team.

A 200 Year-Old Canoe Trip

Paddle back through time. Listen to the song of the loon echoing through the mountains. Hear stories of BC’s first explorers, the French Canadian Voyageur. Learn to paddle a canoe as part of a team, then celebrate your successful voyage with a feast reminiscent of those enjoyed by our first pioneers. Bring the whole family along to Sun Peaks Resort to experience life as a voyageur. This is a BC canoe trip for all ages, and possibly one of the best canoe trips in Canada.

Paddle into the Past

Voyageurs once paddled birch-bark canoes — but your canoe trip will take place in a 30-foot replica canoe. Follow the same non-strenuous scenic route those first explorers once travelled over 200 years ago. Learn about original explorers to the area such as Alexander Mackenzie and the McGillivrays — the namesake of the lake. Hear stories of the original North West Company whose take-over by the Hudson’s Bay Company diminished its historic accomplishments to tales of ancient history.

Paddle into the Past with a Voyageur canoe trip

Voyageur canoeingExplore the waters trappers and fur-traders once plied to support a fashion statement that almost lead to the extinction of the beaver — an iconic symbol of Canada! Discover Canada’s connection to the term Mad as a Hatter. Read over a hand-drawn map by a famous cartographer, so accurate even modern day technology cannot improve upon it. Learn about the First Nations people. They were the original architects of the voyageur canoes and they paddled at 55 strokes a minute and carved the first paths through the mountains. Run your hands over a smooth sample of birch, the primary timber used to create the canoes all those years ago.

This is no average history lesson. It’s a family canoe trip worth taking. It’s time out in nature, sharing stories of our fabled history, connecting with family and making new friends.

Meet the Locals

A trip through the past isn’t the only discovery you’ll make on this expedition, as this bustling eco-system is home to the iconic wildlife you’d expect to find in Canada — moose, elk, white-tailed deer. Keep your eyes peeled along the shore for signs of their elusive movements, and if you’re paddling near dusk watch the trout dancing at its surface, creating an illusion that the lake is boiling. Hold your camera close; you won’t want to miss these photo ops.

Feast in the Forest

By now, you’ve surely worked up an appetite. Once you’re ashore, gather at the McGillivray Lake Outpost; a rustic log cabin overlooking the water, where a gourmet meal awaits. Delight in Canadian-inspired ingredients that change throughout the season. Taste First Nations bannock, a staple of those early travellers, or cedar plank salmon, BBQ pork belly, triple berry compote and more. The feast is delectable and will leave you (along with the rest of the trip) completely satisfied.