North Thompson Valley British Columbia — Wilderness Just a Step Away

The same natural elements that define the dramatic landscapes of so much of Canada also define the pristine, wilderness playground you’ll find in the North Thompson Valley British Columbia: rugged, storybook landscapes framed by the Canadian Rocky Mountains that grow ever higher the further north you travel; rushing rivers — the kind you can’t wait to paddle in; cool, timbered slopes leading into the world’s only inland temperate rainforest; a wide-open alpine blanketed by wildflowers in summer and by deep, deep powdery snow come winter; where Canadian wildlife still roam, free from any fence lines.

Essential Things to Do

Explore the North Thompson Valley’s stunning natural elements… hoodoos and ranch lands of its southern reaches to the BC and Alberta Rockies in the north, uncovering quintessential Canada along the way — alpine resorts, rural, small towns and more ways to play in the great outdoors that you could ever dream of.

Hike, mountain bike and camp amidst the world’s only lush inland rainforest. Count the stars in the sky and the number of mystical and majestic waterfalls found hidden just out of view. Watch big game roaming without feeding times or fences just off the Yellowhead Highway.

Climb through ancient forests of cedar and fir, emerging in alpine meadows, or high above the treeline. Splash in to our rivers: the North Thompson, the South Thompson, the Clearwater, and the wildest of all — the mighty Fraser River at the doorstep to the Canadian Rockies. Soar above the valley on a heli-tour to the slopes, or touch down on the banks of a glacier-fed lake, for a bucket-list hike of a lifetime. Find yourself at the centre of three mountain ranges and decide which one you’ll tackle today. When it comes to finding adventure here, your choices are as vast and varied as the North Thompson Valley itself.

Essentially Canada