Hike through Blossoms

Feel the breeze on your face as you ride the chairlift to the alpine. Floral aromas intensify as you soar above the flowery slopes, painted petal by petal by Mother Nature herself. The trails are calling you, leading you up in the alpine. Meander along flower-strewn cliffs and silent forests then into a yawning alpine meadow. It’s warm and breezy in the alpine meadows. Your quiet reverie is only broken by the gentle buzzing of bees flitting from flower to flower. The light blue sky streams sunlight on your shoulders as you watch a golden eagle floating in the thermals above your head. Look toward the horizon lined by ever-greater mountain peaks. Lie back in a blanket of blossoms and watch the clouds silently drift by. The alpine meadows are only in bloom for a short time. Go ahead, bask in their beauty, because these fleeting moments don’t last forever.

16 Exceptional Hikes 16 Exceptional Hikes

The light blue sky streams sunlight on your shoulders as you watch a golden eagle floating in the thermals above your head. You’re here, up in the alpine, walking along flower-strewn cliffs and silent forests, into a yawning alpine meadow. With 16 exceptional hikes that range from meandering passageways to climbing mountain slopes, Sun Peaks has a trail for every level of hiker.Hike Sun Peaks

Walk Among Blossoms July/August

Sun Peaks Resort may be famous for skiing, but when the summer wildflowers are in bloom, you can’t help but want to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails. Mountains once covered in snow come alive with a tapestry of colour. Capture the sunshine yellow of the Balsamroot, the candy orange of the Tiger Lily, and the prickly purple of the Canadian thistle. Wander through acre after acre of pink and blue Lupine, and varying shades of greens that feel like they stretch on for days.Walk Among Blossoms July/August

From the West Bowl to Tod Mountain Peak, from Gil’s Trail to Juniper Ridge, the mountain is awash with shades and hues you may have only imagined.  Sure, it’s eye-candy, but it’s also good for the soul.

The wildflowers make their appearance as early as July. From mid-July to mid-August your walk through this tapestry of blooms will be exquisite.

Alpine Blossom Festival Alpine Blossom Festival

The mountain trails of Sun Peaks appear as though Mother Nature took hold of her paintbrush and speckled the hills in every known (and unknown) colour. Bring your camera along on your hike. You’ll want to capture and remember this natural work of art.

Celebrating the Blooms

Be sure to come out for the Alpine Blossom Festival in late July when the alpine wildflowers are at the height of their bloom. Marvel at the beauty below you as you take a scenic ride on the Sunburst Express chairlift for access to hiking and biking trails. During the festival the village comes alive the entertainers, activities and more.

Come for the Colour – Stay for the Festival


Progressive Hiking Throughout the Valley Progressive Hiking Throughout the Valley

With rugged mountain passes, loamy rainforest paths, and alpine meadows dotted with colour, hiking through the North Thompson Valley can be the central theme of your vacation.Progressive Hiking Throughout the Valley

Each destination offers a unique experience ranging from easy hikes accessed by high-speed chairlift in Sun Peaks, to hut-to-hut hiking in the Trophy Mountains of Wells Gray, to heli-hiking the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Each hike sets you up for the next and before your vacation is done you’ll have conquered the most scenic trails in the North Thompson Valley.

Start at Sun Peaks

At Sun Peaks, take the high-speed chairlifts to the painted slopes of Tod Mountain and its alpine bowls beyond. Hike along the wildflower blooms in every shade you can imagine. This moderate hike will get your walking juices flowing, and ready for more.Progressive Hiking Throughout the Valley

Barriere Hikes

Set out for a trek on the Skull Mountain trail close to Barriere. This trail was devastated by the fire that burned through this area in 2003. The charred and damaged timber has been removed, providing sweeping views of the pristine North Thompson Valley.

Wells Gray Provincial Park Hikes

Next, journey on to Wells Gray Provincial Park for a one-day or multi-day trek from hut to hut to hut. Hike through the painted blossom of Trophy Mountain, then above the alpine along the spine of the mountains.Progressive Hiking Throughout the Valley

Finish with a bang in Valemount as a helicopter whisks you away near the peak of Mount Robson — the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. You can be dropped at Berg Lake to start your final hike. Get inspired by the ice-capped turquoise waters of the lake, and start your descent down the Berg Lake Trail; if this isn’t enough hiking for you, skip the helicopter, and hike all 44 km (27 miles) roundtrip instead.