Where Winter Lives

We flourish during winter in the North Thompson Valley. Endless snow-bound adventures range from easy-going to adrenaline-filled and everything in between. Maybe it’s the heart-pumping thrill of carving fresh tracks on Canada’s second largest ski hill course or the smooth grooving through forested trails astride your snow machine. Perhaps it’s when you sink into a hip-deep ocean of snow on the heli-ski trip of your dreams. Whatever you choose, you’ll find the snow, and hospitality unlike any other in this region.

Feel the crisp frigid air on your skin and catch a snowflake on your tongue. Witness signs of winter wildlife in the snow. Watch for the tracks of coyotes and howling wolves, Look over there, are those the marks of scampering deer or the tell-tale signs of a fleet-footed snowshoe hare. Wind your way through snow-dipped trees, across alpine bowls and down snow-filled glades. When the snow flies, it’s here that we come to play. Come join us on a snowy winter escape in the North Thompson Valley.

Essential Winter Experiences