Liquid Gold — the Lifelines of the North Thompson Valley

Come stand in awe at British Columbia’s waterfalls, just one of the way to enjoy our Canadian glacial waters.  When they are big, they are a monstrous beast; raging and storming, splashing over rocks. They are the kind of white water that adrenaline junkies dream of. It thunders out of chutes and cascades hundreds of meters into a canyon below. Our waters are a wonder to behold. And when they slow down enough to navigate the rapids it’s a refreshing adventure. When they are gentle and smooth as glass, there’s no better place to paddle your kayak or canoe.

Canadian Glacial Waters Carved This Land

This life-sustaining force carved the iconic features of the North Thompson Valley. It helped create the layered volcanic canyons, pebbled riverbeds, thundering waterfalls and wide, open ranges. Water: it’s one of Canada’s richest resources. It is a defining force that continues to shape this place. What are you waiting for… it’s time to get all wet.

Essential Water Experiences