North Thompson Valley — Wilderness Just a Step Away

Whether you explore on your own or with a guide, it always takes you by surprise when you see big game in the wild. Go ahead; reach for your camera, grab your smartphone, there’s plenty of Canadian wildlife to snap. The North Thompson Valley features an abundance of accessible wildlife. These fleeting moments are meant to be captured.

Close Encounters with Canadian Wildlife

The North Thompson Valley is one of those last vestiges where the iconic animals so closely identified with untamed Canada, still live. You can find them roaming free in their natural, original habitat. Brawny black bears, raptors, deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, 140 species of birdlife lie here. Then there is the most enduring symbol of Canada, the Canadian beaver. All of these creatures call our wild places home. Pay careful attention… Hear their call in the breeze. Look down and you’ll see their footprints on our valley and mountain trails.

It’s okay to feel wowed. After all, spying wild game in their natural habitat is a privilege most people only dream about.

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Essential Wildlife Experiences