Journey Into The
Heart of Nature

The North Thompson Valley is a testament to the awe-inspiring forces of nature, shaped by volcanic heat and glacial ice. Here, mighty rivers carve through rugged landscapes, waterfalls cascade with breathtaking beauty, and expansive blue skies stretch over towering mountains.

Three mountain ranges converge in a spectacular display against the horizon, each range a testament to the region's geological history. Born of fire and ice, this landscape is a captivating blend of ancient volcanic activity and glacial carving. Explore lush inland rainforests, relax by pristine lakes fed by receding glaciers, and witness the power of the Fraser, Clearwater, and North Thompson rivers as they weave through the valley.

Where Legends Begin

Embark on a journey along the Yellowhead Highway 5, and let the sweeping vistas of the Monashee, Cariboo, and Rocky Mountain ranges unfold before you. These mountains hold the secrets of British Columbia's creation, shaped by the collision of tectonic plates millions of years ago. Marvel at the rugged beauty of weather-beaten peaks, each rock a chapter in the valley's ancient story.

Fire & Ice
in Wells Gray Park

Wells Gray Provincial Park is a testament to the interplay of fire and ice, where volcanic eruptions and glacial activity have left their mark. Explore the park's diverse landscape, from lava beds and tuyas to crater lakes and cinder cones. Witness the legacy of four glacial periods, as receding ice carved canyons and waterfalls into the rocky terrain. Take in the extraordinary sights of hardened volcanic rock, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls that define this natural wonder.

Explore the Natural History of the North Thompson Valley

  • Marvel at the majestic Rockies, adorned with sedimentary rock layers and ancient marine fossils.
  • Embark on a helicopter adventure to Berg Lake, near the summit of Mount Robson, and experience the frosty shores of this glacial marvel.
  • Discover the diverse ecosystems of Cranberry Marsh, home to a variety of bird species and stunning mountain views.
  • Experience the thrill of fly fishing atop a lava bed at Clearwater Lake's Osprey Falls.
  • Count the layers of volcanic rock at Helmcken Falls or Spahats Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park.
  • Drift peacefully on the serene waters of the Fraser River or embrace the exhilaration of rafting on the Clearwater River.
  • Find tranquility on Murtle Lake, North America's largest paddle-only lake, surrounded by pristine wilderness.
  • Uncover your own adventure in this rugged paradise, where ancient geological forces have shaped a landscape of unparalleled beauty.

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