Free Spirit

You love a good time, and for you, travel (like life) is all about experiencing one adventure after another. You look at life as one big buffet and the more you can sample while on vacation, the better. Not only do you love to travel, but you like to share your adventures with anyone who will listen. You’ll take in a bit of everything a destination has to offer, which is why you’ll spend countless hours planning your trip — you don’t want to miss a thing! You’re naturally drawn to exotic and exciting adventures and like to surround yourself with others who feel the same. For you, a life spent travelling is a good life indeed!

Encircle yourself with the best of what the North Thompson Valley has to offer. Canvass down solitary mountain vistas, your skis leaving the only marks in the glittering powder. Book exclusive helicopter tours to mountain peaks, dine on world-class cuisine and wash it down with top notch wine. Enjoy the finest that resort life has to offer and ranch the range in style.

The Top Unsurpassed Ways to Enjoy the North Thompson Valley:

  • Ski where no one else has slalomed. Mike Wiegele’s Heli-Ski Resort pioneered Heli- and CAT-skiing in BC. Be among the privileged few to experience steep, deep powder the Mike Wiegele way.
  • Snap a selfie in the wildflower meadows of Sun Peaks Resort. Your social network won’t believe the dramatic landscapes, but you’ll have proof that you were actually there!
  • Take a helicopter flight to the glacial Berg Lake, near the peak of Mount Robson and spend the day exploring, sketching and taking pictures. Choose to hike down the rugged mountain pass or take a return heli flight back.
  • Be the toast of the town as you clink glasses during Sun Peak’s Winter Okanagan Wine Festival every January
  • Rent your own private chalet or a luxury hotel suite in Canada’s Alpine Village Sun Peaks Resort. Spend your days skiing vast, unmarked slopes and your evenings rubbing shoulders with the international crowd that gathers here in winter
  • Stay at Alpine Meadows Resort where stunning log cabins become your sanctuary from a too-busy world
  • Conquer the Clearwater, beat the Beaver or fly through the Fraser’s rapids! Feed your inner adrenaline-junky a healthy dose of white water rafting on three of BC’s best white water rafting rivers — all in the North Thompson Valley!
  • Arrive at your backwoods campground in style — by chartered water-taxi service — you can on Clearwater Lake!