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Cranberry Marsh Birding > Valemount

Cranberry Marsh in Valemount

Relax and unwind in this natural oasis, steps away from the Valemount Best Western. Embark on a 30-minute bike ride or a 90-minute walk beneath the cool canopy of trees at Cranberry Marsh. Close your eyes and listen for one or more of the 140 bird songs. The sound of hundreds of birds taking flight at once will catch your attention as you watch the flock rise in the air. Nature reminds you to slow down, enjoy and take your time.

In the warmer months you can canoe the still water marsh. In the winter, it’s the perfect place for some outdoor skating or a friendly game of pond hockey. It’s all right here in the shadow of the Cariboo, Monashee and Rocky Mountains in the North Thompson Valley.

Connect with Cranberry Marsh and Bird Viewing Operators

Birding at Cranberry Marsh

The sounds of nature waft over a cool breeze as you explore Cranberry Marsh’s tree-lined trails. Walk, bike or paddle as you wander through the marshland. Climb up the first viewing tower and take in the scene where the Rockies, Monashees and Cariboos converge.

Listen to the Wild

Nature’s soundtrack accompanies you through the marsh with the calls of hawks, eagles, and owls. Listen closely for swifts, woodpeckers, sandpipers, finches, vireos, and flycatchers. Eavesdrop on the conversations of the chickadees, bluebirds, warblers, geese and ducks. Let the winged orchestra of the marsh wash away your stress and replenish you.

This is what remains of a glacial lake. As you walk, you notice nesting tunnels and islands engineered for birds to safely lay their eggs. You may also notice several water control dykes. Let the ripples on the water and the reflection of nearby mountain peaks clear your mind.

Migration Route

You’ll marvel at the over 140 species of migratory birds that come to rest at Cranberry Marsh, a part of the Pacific Fly Way. You may see species you’ve never seen before along this 6-kilometre (3.7 mile) trail lined with black spruce, willow, aspen and poplar spruce.

Cranberry Marsh

Cranberry Marsh in Valemount is a natural oasis for hiking, canoeing and bird-watching in the North Thompson Valley. Look around and take in the scene where the Cariboo, Monashee and Rocky Mountains collided eons ago.

Learn About the Marsh

Start your walk from the Valemount Best Western. Interpretive signs tell the story of the natural wonders that surround you. The world looks a little different from you canoe or kayak as you explore the area. Marsh creatures watch you from the shore as you paddle amongst the tall grasses and bulrushes, tight channels and open waters. For the best memories, explore the marsh at sunrise or at dusk in spring or fall.

Other Wildlife

Our wildlife help maintain the fragile balance of this environment. Keep an eye out for mule deer, moose, and even bears. Smaller mammals such as beavers and muskrats can be found throughout Cranberry Marsh.