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Hike the Wilds

Mt. Robson and Berg Lake are calling. Take a helicopter to the peak and when you’re done exploring, take the helicopter back to the valley. If you prefer you can take a helicopter up and hike down, or hike the whole darn thing. It’s your adventure, do it your way.

Either way, you may find yourself on the shores of an aquamarine lake of icy, cold water. Mt. Robson looms over your shoulder while the toe of the Berg Glacier dips into its namesake lake. This is it. It’s just you, your backpack, and a pair of hiking boots. You stand near the top of the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies and smile. It’s time to experience your Rocky Mountain high.

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Round Trip In and Out

Soar high above the glaciers, skimming near the mountain tops and over the Valley of a Thousand Falls as you fly above the Berg Lake Trail. This is it – you are at one of Canada’s most iconic landmarks.

Berg Lake and Mount Robson

You may have to close you mouth when you witness the jaw-dropping scenery and mesmerizing colour of Berg Lake for the first time. You touch down and are given the go-ahead to explore the Valley of a Thousand Falls, Emperor Falls and Berg and Kinney lakes.

Avid outdoor adventurers are drawn to this place in the shadow of Mount Robson, which, at 3,954 m (12,972 ft), is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Hike, camp, and explore a land created ages ago by moving glaciers. You’re in a place few humans have ever seen.

Stay nearby or follow along the worn Berg Trail that winds some 22 kms (14 mi) each way. It gains 800 metres (2,624 ft) in elevation from its base at the mouth of the Robson River to the quiet, still shores of Berg Lake. All too soon it’s time to board the helicopter for your return trip with Robson HeliMagic.

take a helicopter In – Hike Out

Walking in the Wild

Witness a wild very few people get to see. Pack your tent and get ready to explore this raw and rugged land. Once you step out of the helicopter, it’s you and the wild.

Hike Down from the Rockies Highest Peak

Take your time as you pass thundering waterfalls, become one with the forest dwellers and then reach the mouth of the Robson River. Marvel at the three different bio-geo-climatic zones as you wind your way along the easy to maneuver path.

Camping on the Mountain

For some adventurers, camping out here is at the top of their bucket list. If that’s you, make sure to make a campsite reservation. Some sites offer reservations up to four months in advance of your arrival.

There’s a community of wildlife living steps away from you. Listen for hooting gray owls and watch the mountain side for agile mountain goats. Be aware and be on the lookout for the protector of this land — the black bear.

Hike the Whole Thing

Do you have what it takes to hike the 44 km (23 mi) return trip on the Berg Lake trail? It’s a quad-burning 800 m (2,624 ft) to the heart of Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Get Your Nature Fix

Capture the unrivalled scenery with your camera or in your mind’s eye as you walk along. Glacial lakes gleam like jewels in the sun and wildflowers burst with colour. Stop and soak up the sun at tumbling waterfalls, all in shadow of Mt. Robson.

There’s no rush to get to your campsite, as all campsites along the Berg Lake Trail can now be reserved. Make sure you plan ahead.

Go Even Further!

If you’re an intrepid trekker, you can hike well past Berg Lake and into Jasper National Park. It’s a seven-day expedition and the hike of a lifetime.