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Ride the Watery Rollercoaster

Feel the exhilaration as your raft rises higher in the rolling water and lands with a thump as water splashes your face. Grasp your paddle as you rocket over and through the frigid water. Your face begins to ache and you realize your face is frozen in an ear to ear grin. You let out a whoop, feeling more alive than ever! You’re ready for anything, including taming this beast of a river.  

By late summer the rivers are calmer, perfect for a float down the river. Take your time and enjoy the scenery as you float your cares away.

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A Wet and Wild Ride On North Thompson Rivers

The North Thompson Valley is where the big water lives. It’s the wild child of glaciers, careening towards the coast. This is an adventure like no other, so strap on your gear and get ready for a wet and wild ride.

The Mighty Fraser River

The mighty Fraser River is where you’ll find full-throttled whitewater rafting action. Mount Robson watches as you feel your pulse climb as you rocket down the river, crashing through enormous waves. Catch your breath in the slow water before you plunge headfirst into raging whitecaps. Now that you’re warmed up, prepare for the Ejector and Grand Maw, aptly named class III rapids on the longest river in British Columbia.

The Adams River — Run the Salmon Route

Take the plunge and wind your way down the Adams River through Class I, II and III whitewater for an hour of thrills and natural beauty. Late spring is the perfect time for an exhilarating whitewater experience, while early spring and July are great for exploring. In the fall, the salmon return, battling to preserve their species. Your journey takes you through Tsútswecw (Roderick Haig-Brown) Provincial Park, with an interpretive stop along the way.

The Clearwater River — Raft the Volcano Fields

Hammer down the Clearwater, experiencing thrills and chills, and perhaps a few spills at every bend. Sling through chutes, catch the mist from the waterfalls and jump in for a refreshing swim. Choose a three-hour tour or an overnight adventure. This river will keep you on your toes from June to October. Clearwater River runs through the watery utopia of Wells Gray Provincial Park. It’s a once in a lifetime whitewater rafting journey through stunning surroundings of untamed wilderness, rumbling waterfalls and diverse wildlife.

Experienced Kayaker Adventure

Jump into your kayaks and guide yourself through the roll and ride of swirling torrents. Be a dare devil and rocket down the Clearwater River, with all different classes of rapids to satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie.

Welcome to the Mild Side

Family-friendly float trips can also be had on the Fraser, Clearwater and North and South Thompson Rivers. Disconnect from your hectic world and reconnect with the whole family.

Float with Family

August is the perfect time for a lazy journey down river with time out for a swim in the warm water. Relax as you lazily bob along at the speed of the river’s current. See who can spot the most wildlife from the comfort of their raft. Spawning salmon, circling raptors, and white-tailed deer watch you as you catch sight of the elusive brown bear rummaging for a snack. Lay back, relax and breathe in the fresh, clean air as you float your cares away.

Find Serenity in Your Kayak or Canoe

You’ll find scenic serenity on the North Thompson River. Paddle down the river and enjoy every river bend and white capped wave you find. Connect with the wild surroundings and recharge your soul in this kayaker’s haven.

Pack your tent and set ashore at a campground for the night. Tomorrow is another adventure down the river.